Outsourced FD

Outsourced FD

Outsourced FD

Has your business activity reached a point where you need the expertise of a financial director, but you don’t like the sound of the employment cost of a full-time employee?

Our outsourced, part-time or interim FD services can be the perfect solution to having access to the professional skills and advice that come with a qualified professional, along with the flexibility of paying by an hourly or daily rate.

Why choose an outsourced FD?

There are certain times of year when things get very busy and you need some more hands-on financial assistance. Perhaps you need to pull the year end accounts together alongside setting budgets for the new financial year. Perhaps you’re expanding the business and need to consider impacts on the cashflow of the business.

With an outsourced FD, you have access to more support when you need it, and don’t have a monthly payroll cost when there is less need for expertise. Financial support for the MD allows them to focus on the strategic direction of the business, and can also provide ad-hoc or regular support with the following:

  • Raising debt and equity finance
  • Managing change and profitability improvement
  • Managing cash through difficult trading conditions
  • Exit planning
  • Managing stakeholder and investor relations
  • Managing the finance function
  • Implementation of internal controls
  • Translate all figures and data in a way that makes sense
  • Liaise with external advisers, banks and auditors

Benefits of an outsourced FD

  • Cost – hiring on a part-time basis can save money.
  • Flexibility – set out how much time you need to work with financial support, and what tasks you need accomplished, and change it on an ongoing basis.
  • Focus – focus us and for you. Delegate vital responsibilities while you continue to focus on your business.
  • Efficiency – tax efficiencies, time efficiencies, spending efficiencies; general value for money expertise at an affordable price.

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